Scott Cleaners has been providing the Oklahoma City area with dry cleaning and other laundry services for over 45 years. Now, Scott Cleaners offers drapery / curtain cleaning service.

Drapery Cleaning

What Is Included in Drapery Cleaning?

Scott Cleaners will first remove spots and stains from your drapery /curtains. Next, Scott Cleaners will dry clean your draperies. If you would like further services to be done to your draperies, like pressing for pleats or anything else, please let us know when you contact us for your drapery cleaning.

Why Should I Use Drapery Cleaning?

Whether you are spring cleaning, moving, or just pulling some drapes out of storage, drapery / curtain cleaning is a great service Scott Cleaners offers to help you keep your home happy and clean. When it comes to draperies, dry cleaning is a good solution, as it keeps your draperies in tact. You won’t have to worry about your draperies shrinking or fading.

We do not recommend that you wash your drapes at home (check the laundry care instructions). Neither do we recommend that you use our drapery cleaning service often (once a week). We do recommend that you use drapery cleaning regularly (once per quarter) so you can extend the life of your draperies. You can read more about drapery lifespans below.

How Long Should My Draperies Last?

Experts tell us that your draperies should last three years if they are unlined draperies and five years if they are lined draperies. There are several things you can do to extend the life expectancy, however.

Dryclean draperies regularly (once per quarter), but not often (once a week), to keep soil and grease from damaging fabrics. Rotate draperies, if possible, so that exposure to intense sunlight is varied. Guard carefully against water damage from open windows. Water rings develop and are almost impossible to remove, unless the fabric can be wet cleaned. This is usually not the case.