Scott Cleaners offers platinum shirt service. Our platinum shirt service takes wrinkled and soiled shirts and turns them back into good looking business attire.

Platinum Shirt Service

What Is Platinum Shirt Service?

At Scott Cleaners we don’t stop with washing your garments — with platinum shirt service, we remove stains, replace buttons, mend the seams and finish your shirts by pressing them, perhaps with starch if you prefer it.

Why Should I Use Platinum Shirt Service?

Platinum shirt service allows for your clean, crisp collars and cuffs to make you look professional all day long. Simply put, platinum shirt service is your answer for clean and professional attire. An executive shirt is supposed to look good and feel great. With platinum shirt service, your whites will be brighter and your colors fade less over time. Our platinum shirt service uses a lower temperature and gentler cleaning, so your shirts last longer and shrink less. It’s the professional shirt service designed for professionals.